Master Lee began as a street performer in Washington Square Park. He went on to do stand-up comedy, appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, MTV, Showtime at the Apollo and Sesame Street. Tired of jokes, he began listening to Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, combining stream-of-consciousness, catharsis and tapping the unconscious to create his unique true stories. He is also working on a juggling piece to the six preludes of the Bach cello suites.
  Master Lee has taught storytelling at the Rubin Museum of Art and Performance Art at New York University.


  Fully aware of his enlightenment by the age of four, Mr. Patrick has ever since been turning the cornerstone of humanity towards truth. Working twenty years in silence, communicating only through his painting and gardening (and a few miracles), he has nurtured the nature of being, for all. An advisor to world leaders, sought out by the spiritually honest, disparaged by the rest, he now speaks to the greater good through truth-based storytelling.
  His films have been at the Aspen Comedy Festival, his private life on the BBC, and his performances often on MNN. Not only a painter, performer, and gardener, Mr. Patrick is a world-renowned collector of silver, furniture and ephemera for his modest museum.